October 10, 2015

I am sorry ... really translates to I am lazy

Hi I have been intending and intending to start writing and posting again but alas... it seems that I default to instagram instead. Easy app to use and post quick hits on. Follow me at style1964

July 14, 2015

Who out there is working with Reiki? 
I was trained in October 2012 with the Usui System Usui Shiki Ryoho but have failed to really immerse myself in this natural healing. Looking for some community around Reiki especially up here on the North Shore... 

I am so disappointed and frustrated within myself... I have to have another crown reconstructed as I cracked it and a tooth extracted as much work was done on it in pervious years and it to has cracked. I grind my teeth and clench my jaws at night sleeping. 

The thought of having a gaping hole in my mouth vs. a dental implant is cause enough that I have to realize I am not handling life stress and change well. I have always been a grinding sort and have had a night guard for my mouth that I have used on and off over the years but this has become crazy. 

I have to get command of my emotions and my stress and start using Reiki to do just that. 

I am listening universe, if anyone has any thing to say use social media to reach me- twitter, Facebook, linkedin or right here and as always by email or text message. 

July 7, 2015

Shout out: To all who helped with my elopement +3 - in no apparent order:

Naked Rustic Wedding Cake - Eliza M.F. Santin

Restaurant- C.K. Pearl Essex 

Floral- Beverly Barzin with Lesley

Celebrant - Erika Wilton  
Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant & Non-Denominational Minister
27 Wesley Street  Newton MA 02458    |    617.435.0065
weddings, and all ceremonies marking life's transitions, authentic to you

Dress- Elie Tahari Copley Place, Boston MA

Beach Decor Rental - http://bostonrusticweddin.wix.com/rusticweddingrentals

Men's wear for groom- Tommy Bahama and Ralph Lauren - Giblees Danvers & Lord and Taylor Boston

July 6, 2015

The Beach Wedding

Happy times... Happy things are happening up here North of Boston. All who know me well, know what the last few years have held but in all the pain and suffering and challenges the gem was this Man- Drew! Lucky Lady that I am Drew asked me to make a life with him that included moving up to the North Shore, getting engaged, marrying on June 7th 2015 and getting to become a part of his family that includes three great young people. So this is what it looks to elope + three! I know many more happy times and happy things are evolving and maybe they will start to be captured right here on this old style blog. Here's to the new style of things. I bring you the new Mrs. Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin!

May 26, 2015

Outing Myself

Myself and an unnamed member of my family found ourselves in Francesca's on Saturday. I somehow transformed from the super realistic, practical, very conscience shopper to a kid in a candy shop. The colors, the patterns, the choices, the cuteness of it all made me giddy. And we shopped, and we bought and we delighted in the many new things. 

Two learning's from the afternoon. Younger folk than myself love fast fashion. They live and breath the moment. What is on trend, what is cute, what is it they want (NEED) for summer. It is all about the NOW. 

There is no question which sounds like, when will I wear this? will I wear it more than once this season? what is it made of? who made it? is it going to last? 

Heck, they don't really want to wear it more than once this season, they don't care if it lasts because it is a cute trend item, they have no idea to even ask the question who made it, how did they work and what did they make it from. 

I may have totally missed out on a teaching moment but reflecting back I realize it may have been a moment of teaching upon deaf ears. The young simply don't care about the fast fashion issues and adults simply pick their battles. With all that is going on in the world of pre-teens, teens, and young adults are we really going to battle over sweat shop garments at cheap prices. It was a reality moment when I realized it is not worth getting into the topic over so many other things that need to be discussed. That made me sad. Maybe next time I will have more courage to open the discussion but this time I just blissed out on color and cuteness and a happy teenager. 

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